Applying Athletic Principles to Multidisciplinary Rounds to Improve Teamwork and Patient Care

SouthwickGiven the complexity of modern health care, caregivers need to form interdisciplinary teams to seamlessly coordinate the care of each individual patient. Nearly all of us have experienced effective teamwork in our past when we participated in or followed a team sport. This knowledge and experience can now be applied to patient care through Gatorounds, an interdisciplinary rounding system based on athletic principles. This approach shortens patient length of stay, reduces 30-day admissions, improves job satisfaction and saves time. Rounding at the bedside also has the potential to improve patient education and satisfaction. You too can apply your past athletic experiences to improve patient care and experience a new joy at work.

Learning objectives:

  • Be able to apply the fundamentals of teamwork in caring for patients
  • Describe the 8 steps used to launch a team
  • Be able to form a patient care team that can continually improve

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