Beyond the Basics: Team Based Learning Facilitation Skills

McCormackProviding student teams with quality learning materials is only the beginning of the TBL experience. One early challenge new TBL faculty face is facilitating discussions that reinforce the significance of application exercises and assess mastery of learning objectives. This workshop will provide useful facilitation strategies to faculty who are new to TBL as well as those who have used TBL extensively. It will also provide examples of application exercises that participants can use in mentoring other faculty who are new to TBL.


  1. Discuss facilitation strategies which enhance teaching interactions among team members and between teams, support complete understanding of learning objectives tied to the exercise, and promote good classroom time-management.
  2. Identify ways to manage classroom issues, such as when a student presents a grievance with a RAT question, a team explains an answer incorrectly to the class, or a team asks for help during intra-team discussion.