UF Promotion Guidelines: Examination of the Clinical Portfolio

5-13-iconThis workshop is designed for those who have a primary assignment in the clinical arena who will need a strong Clinical Portfolio to successfully achieve promotion. A short discussion describing the components of the Clinical Portfolio will be followed by a presentation of examples from actual documents of those who successfully achieved promotion. Following the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to receive direct feedback on their current clinical portfolios by Karen Hall, MD, Lindsay Thompson, MD, and Saleem Islam, MD, MPH.  Please bring your current Clinical Portfolio with you.


At the conclusion of the presentation, the participants will be able to:

  1. Construct an impactful clinical portfolio to support their promotion efforts
  2. Recognize the difference between merely listing clinical work versus highlighting accomplishments
  3. Incorporate data and narratives in their portfolios to illustrate distinction in their work
  4. Assemble and maintain a growing portfolio to support their promotion efforts