Mini-CEX Workshop – March 10, 2016

ZaidiThe Mini-CEX (Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise) is a 10-20 minute direct observation assessment or “snapshot” of a trainee-patient interaction. The goal of this session is to familiarize the participants with workplace-based assessments methods being used, with a focus on mini-CEX. It will highlight the importance of formative assessment in learning, review some of the research on the methods, present a model for faculty development, and describe some of the current research on feedback to trainees.


  1. Discuss need for workplace-based assessment
  2. Use Mini-CEX form during the hands-on session
  3. Practice “frame of reference training”

Presenter: Zareen Zaidi, MD
Date:  March 10, 2016
Time:  5:00pm to 6:30pm
Location:  HME Building, Room 128