Ensuring Student Buy-In for Pre-Learning in Flipped or Team-Based Learning Classes

Presented by Dr. Peter Balan, University of South Australia School of Management

Two opportunities to participate in this workshop (please pre-register using links below):

Monday, February 27, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
Room 120 Matherly Hall  Registration Link

Tuesday, February 28, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Room LG-110 A&B McKnight Brain Institute  Registration Link

Teaching methods including the “flipped classroom” and Team-Based Learning (TBL) require students to pre-learn course materials before a teaching session, where exercises rely on students using self-gained knowledge. This is the reverse to “traditional” teaching when course materials are presented during a lecture, and students are assessed on that material during another session at a later stage.  This two-hour interactive workshop describes an introductory orientation class session that prepares and engages students to successfully participate in courses requiring pre-learning. This approach has been implemented very successfully and effectively in a range of courses in different countries. This orientation session is described in: Balan P, Clark M & Restall G, 2015, Preparing students for flipped or team-based learning methods, Education + Training, vol. 57, no. 6, pp. 639-657. Participants will be provided with an “implementation kit” that includes a PowerPoint presentation that educators can use in their own class.

Following the Monday session Dr. Balan will address application activity design for business students. You are invited to attend as much of the session as you are available. Lunch will be provided (RSVP to Tawnya Means at tawnya.means@warrington.ufl.edu).

About Our Speaker:  Dr. Balan worked in Switzerland, Germany, France and UK as a marketing professional, and entered academia from a general management position in Australia.  As an academic, he has experience in teaching, engagement with industry and government, university administration (as Head of School, and as a founder of two research groups), and more recently as an academic researcher.  He has developed active research programs in the areas of (a) innovation capability/ entrepreneurial orientation in SMEs and social ventures and (b) entrepreneurship education.  Dr. Balan has been recognized for his innovative teaching with several awards, most notably the Order of Australia Medal “for service to tertiary education, and to the community of South Australia.”  For more information, please see Dr. Balan’s university homepage at http://people.unisa.edu.au/Peter.Balan.

Dr. Balan’s visit is being sponsored by the Teaching & Learning Center, Warrington College of Business Administrationand the College of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development.