careCaring for your family while you are at work can often be a challenge. Whether you need after-school care, care for a child who is home ill or havethe responsibility for aging parents, sometimes you need additional support, even at a moment’s notice. The College of Medicine knows that life can be unpredictable, so to help alleviate life’s unexpected challenges, we have decided to offer a new benefit to support a productive work-life balance for our faculty and staff.

UF COM offers a benefit, Care@ work by, to faculty and staff. is a family care service that can help you find caregivers for your whole family, including your child, parents/grandparents and/or pet.  The program essentially functions as a clearinghouse for care providers available in our community.  There is no cost to you to find vetted caregivers.  Once you hire them, the cost of the service will be your responsibility.   We hope you find this new service of value and we will survey users for their experiences to determine whether to continue using after this year.  Please let us know if you have questions.

Who is eligible for

  • All regular COM full-time and regular part-time faculty, teams and USPS employees are eligible for the benefit.


What services are offered through

  • Self Service search for care needs: access to a search database of providers for your family care needs including care for an elderly adult, child, home, pet, or tutoring.


How do I sign up for the benefit?

  • To activate your benefit, go to and select “Enroll Now” or call 855.781.1303.
  • You must enter your UFCOM email address to validate your employment.


Is there a cost to use the benefit?

  • There is no cost to find care providers on the self-service site. Once you hire them, the cost of care should be discussed with your caregiver.


Is there a limit to the number of times I can use the benefit?

  • There is no limit to the number of times you can use the Care@Work program for UFCOM.


What will occur if I have a current account outside of UFCOM?

–      Visit

–      Click Enroll Now

–      When asked if you are new to Click “No”

–      The prompts will ask you to enter in your credentials for your current account and may ask additional questions to validate as an employee

–      Need help?  Dial our member care team at 855-781-1303, prompt 1


How do I learn more about the benefit?

  • You can learn more about the benefit by visiting our customized website


Who do I contact if I have questions about

  • If you have questions about this benefit, please contact at 855.781.1303.