Message from Dr. Zimmermann to COM Working Moms

Dear women in the COM (WIMS),

Last Monday there was a lot of buzz about the first day of school. This is a milestone that we should not let pass without paying homage to the working mothers in our group. I noticed that some of my colleagues with school age kids were out of the office and presumably helping their kids get a good start. Others, who I knew had school age kids, were here as usual. I started thinking about my own kids and all the guilt surrounding the first days I missed. I decided to record this video to tell you about the first day of kindergarten for my little 5 year old (20 years ago!). Still fresh in my mind though I don’t think he remembers. Thanks -ellen


p.s. I don’t mean to undervalue the roles of dads, working dads or other important people in our kids’ lives. All important. So if they see this, just substitute “working dads” etc for “working moms” in this story.


Dr. Z



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