2022 College of Medicine Leadership Development Program (LDP)

The COM Leadership Development Program (LDP) is now accepting applications for the 2022 cohort.  This program is designed for College of Medicine faculty who are current leaders at or above the level of Division Chief or equivalent.   The program’s overall objective is to improve the leadership capability of program participants by focusing on key competencies, as outlined in the UF Leadership Competency Model. These competencies are categorized in four quadrants— Build Trust, Create and Communicate Vision, Generate Alignment, Cultivate Talent. This program is most helpful to leaders who are interested in:

  • Developing knowledge and skills to more effectively manage and lead people
  • Furthering the programs of their college and the university through a better understanding of both strategic and operational issues
  • Helping to move a strategic agenda forward, while helping others meet their goals
  • Sharing experiences and gaining perspective from colleagues across the COM


The program, now in its 11th year, is facilitated by UFHR Training and Organizational Development and led by Rebecca Younglove. Each session focuses in on a targeted area of leadership and how the concepts apply specifically for leaders in the COM. Through a combination of facilitated discussions and scenarios, leaders examine key challenges and develop new strategies to increase individual and team effectiveness. Additional training in UF administrative organization and policies will also be covered.  There is no cost to the participant for this program.


Time Commitment.   The program will meet a total of 8 times over the course of 10 months in 2022, starting with an all-day commitment for the first session on Friday, January 28, 2022.  The first day is a required session. If you cannot make this session you are ineligible for the program. The remaining dates will be set at least 60 days in advance to allow for cancellation of clinic or shifting of clinical responsibilities.  It is expected that selected participants will arrange schedules to permit attendance at all sessions.


The program outline is as follows (subject to adjustment):

Session 1: Leadership Essentials and Building a Foundation of Trust (all day session, mid-day lunch break); January 2022

*360-degree leadership assessments will be completed and a debrief session held during the month of February

Sessions 2 through 7: 4-hour sessions (1x per month, excluding July); March- September 2022

Session 8: 1 ½ hour session with a Leadership Panel of Senior Level COM Leaders; October 2022


*To promote the safety and well-being of participants and facilitators, these sessions will take place virtually. If guidelines on gatherings should change during the course of the program, consideration will be made to resume in-person sessions.


We invite nominations or self-nominations that will be due by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 22nd, 2021.  A maximum of 25 faculty members will be selected.  Meeting locations and other details will be announced after the cohort is selected.


Please submit the following information electronically to: Mark.Segal@medicine.ufl.edu.

  1. A letter of interest from the nominee indicating goals for personal career development and plans for future advancement. The letter should:
    1. Provide your name, rank, department, division and name of department chair
    2. Describe your current responsibilities, and number of faculty, trainees, and staff under your direction
    3. Address outcomes you would like to achieve as a result of participating in this program and
    4. Describe the last major professional growth you experienced, what caused it, and the impact it had for you and/or your work unit.
    5. Please also indicate that you are available for the full day of participation on 28th, 2022.
    6. Current CV
    7. Letter (or email) from the Department Chair indicating support for participation, including guaranteed release time for the days and times of the sessions.

Please contact Mark.Segal@medicine.ufl.edu if you have other questions.