Conflict of Interest

  • Faculty, adjuncts, and postdoctoral associates at 0.26 FTE and above should log into UFOLIO and report any outside activities and interests using this link: ufolio.compliance.ufl.eduPlease note an important change in that all those required to disclose should log into UFOLIO and select “Create Disclosure” even if there are no activities or interests to disclose. This is a new process requiring an annual certification/ documentation, and a reminder will occur annually to update the disclosure portfolio. The annual disclosure process must be completed by September 1.


    Disclosures need to be kept current all year, so it would be necessary to return to UFOLIO throughout the year to update previous disclosures or add new activities or interests. Disclosures will route to the designated supervisor and then directly to the Conflicts of Interest Program in the Office of the Provost for review.


    Resources are available on the Conflicts of Interest Program website and the UFOLIO Project Team is available to answer via email at