COM Ombuds

Dr. Stone

About the Office

The Office of the Ombuds for Faculty provides a confidential environment in which faculty can receive informal, impartial and independent assistance for conflict resolution. The Ombuds may also offer assistance to faculty seeking information on university conflict resolution processes. Dr. Keith Stone was appointed first Ombuds for the college in 2017. He is prepared to assist faculty with strategies to solve problems and minimize escalation of conflicts as well as work to identify patterns of emerging issues in order to recommend university and college policy review based on these patterns. The role of the Ombuds is to offer an impartial perspective in informal resolution procedures. The Ombuds does not advocate for an individual or the institution nor attempt to mediate a dispute. The Ombuds does not replace the institution’s existing processes and resources for formal conflict resolution.

The Ombuds will:

  • Provide a confidential environment to listen to questions and concerns
  • Help identify alternative options and appropriate resources
  • Explain University policies and procedures, including informal resolution and grievance options
  • Offer an impartial perspective
  • Assist with early strategizing to solve problems and minimize the potential escalation of conflict
  • Identify patterns of emerging issues and, as needed, recommend university policy review based on these patterns

Appointments with the Ombuds should be made by email at

To maintain confidentiality use email only to schedule appointments.

The email message should read, “My name is (………) and I would like to make an appointment with the Ombuds. My contact information is (email address) and (phone number)”.