2020-2021 Faculty BootCamp Sessions


  • August 20: Presentation  Zoom
    • Setting Expectations & Envisioning the Future- Mark Segal
      • Discuss the purpose of the Boot Camp
          1. Introduce Drs. Shorr and Gavin Introduce resources
          2. Faculty Development Online Resources
          3. Statistics Course
      • Dr. Nicole Black- The path towards being an Educator Clinician
      • Dr. Ki Park- The Path to developing a Clinical Niche
      • Dr. Jennifer Schoch (Shook)- The path to becoming a Clinician Researcher
      • Purpose of the Breakout Sessions
      • Breakout Sessions

September 17: Zoom

  • How to Give Effective Feedback, to the Learner and to the Program Director
    • Dr. Ryan Nall- How to give Effective Feedback to the Learner
    • Dr. Chad Hood- How to give Effective Feedback to the Program Director
    • breakout Session-Small Groups

October 15: Zoom

  • How to give an Effective Seminar Alex Bitton-Bailey
    • Visual
    • Cognitive load
    • Make time
    • Responsive lecture
    • Cold calling or engaging

November 19: Zoom

  • How to begin preparing for promotion 
    • Keeping a CV Ellen Zimmermann
    • Preparing for promotion Mark Segal

December 17: Presentation

  • Working with the IRB
    • 1)  Best practices HIPAA waiver, how to carry out studies and protect HPI2021January 21 Resources Zoom
      • Tips for an effective didactic presentation
      • The Power of i2b2
        • Dr. Majoc

      February 18 Zoom

      • i2b2 Practical Uses and Examples

      March 18 Zoom – Presentation – Timeline –  Resources

      • Resources at UF
        • Ron Shorr
        • OTL
        • CTSI
        • UF Research Office Sobhia

      April 15 ZoomPresentationManaging UpBalance

      • Ms. Rebecca Younglove-Managing up: How to manage your chair/chief for academic success
      • Dr. Michelle Cardel-Balancing an academic career and your outside responsibilities
      • Dr. Lisa Merlo-Greene-Managing and monitoring your wellness

      May 20 Zoom

      • Review Seminar Recordings to be done in small groups

      June 17 Zoom

      • Pandora Rose Cowart- “Tips and tricks for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel”
      • Debra Notstein- “Making EPIC Work for You”