2021-2022 Faculty BootCamp Sessions


May 19 Zoom

April 21 Zoom

March 17 Zoom

  • Ellen Zimmermann “How to maintain your CV for maximal impact”
  • Michelle Cardel “How to convert all effort into scholarship while balancing an academic career and outside responsibilities”
  • Brian Sevier  “Resources available from the CTSI to jumpstart your academic career”

February 17 Zoom

January 20 ZoomPresentation


August 19  Zoom

  • Clinical Faculty that have been successful in all three tracts
    • Nicole Paradise Black – A clinician educator
    • Ki Park- A clinician who developed a unique niche in women vascular disease
    • Jennifer Schoch- A clinician researcher

September 16 Zoom

  • Deb Notestein-“How to make EPIC work for you!”
  • Ben Staley –“Answering questions with slicer/dicer”
  • Tanja Magoc-“The Power of i2b2”   

October 21 Zoom

  •  Pandora Cowart-“Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Tips to Make Me More Efficient”
  • Richard Nuttall-“Understanding Finances in an Academic Health Center”

November 18 ZoomHandout

  • Franztler Pierre and Kevin Hanson-“Using i2b2 to answer your queries”

December 16 Zoom 

  • Ryan Nall- “How to give Effective Feedback to the Learner”
  • Chad Hood- “How to give Effective Feedback to the Program Director”