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Villages Launch Zoom Meeting-Please click here if you missed the 9-9-2021 Villages Launch Meeting.

Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS) will be offering monthly groups. The purpose of the groups is to provide a forum for discussion of the issues and opportunities impacting faculty, especially women and to foster networks and support.  *Villages are open to all faculty in the UF HSC. Villages recycle every 4 months (Jan, May, September).


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Active Villages

International Women Graduates From All Disciplines

Date/Time: The Second Monday of the Month at Noon

Location: Zoom meeting link (please contact the facilitator prior to the meeting date if you require a password)

Facilitators: Ludmila De Faria MD, l.barbosadefaria@ufl.edu and Jennifer Co-Vu MD, jcovu@ufl.edu

Who is eligible: Women Graduates from all disciplines


Getting Ahead without Losing Your Mind 

Date/Time: 1st Wednesdays at 12PM

Location: Zoom meeting link (please contact the facilitator prior to the meeting date if you require a password)

Facilitators: Liz Brownlee PA-C lizzo@ufl.edu, and Cristina Zeretzke MD

Village’s Focus: A gathering of professionals who support one another in achieving our goals while balancing stresses and everyday craziness.

Who is eligible: Women Graduates from all disciplines.


The Balancing Act

Date/Time: 1st Monday at 12PM

Location: Zoom

Facilitators: Kate Huber huberkn@medicine.ufl.edu and Alice Rhoton rhotona@ufl.edu

Village’s Focus: The purpose is to share experiences with long time faculty on balancing personal life demands with a busy career, in a 2 professional working household.

Who is eligible: Anyone


UF Women in Research 

Date/Time: 1-2 pm First Friday of the Month from 1-2 – November 5th

Location: Zoom

Facilitators: Katya Lobanova elobanova@ufl.edu and Gemma Casadesus Smith gcasadesus@ufl.edu

Village’s Focus: Supporting Women in Research.


The Leadership Village

Date/Time: Tuesdays 5 pm meeting time

Location: Zoom

Facilitators: Dhana Rajderkar RAJDDA@radiology.ufl.edu and Christina Wilson Christina.Wilson@neurology.ufl.edu

Village’s Focus: Our village supports the women leaders in the College of Medicine and help them grow in their career and endeavors. We will conduct open discussion on problems like-imposter syndrome, microaggression, difficult conversation and will help to set up a session or two on the School of Medicine related finances and funds.

Early Childhood Village

Date/Time: TBD

Location: Zoom

Facilitators: Collen Kays Gutman ckays21@ufl.edu (PS- She’s looking for a Co-Director, is it you?)

Village’s Focus: The Early Parenting WIMS Village hopes to form a community and support network for those with (or soon to have) young children. We will provide a space to connect with and get to know other moms navigating through career, self-care, and early parenting.


Connections Village

Date/Time: TBD

Location: Zoom

Facilitators: Yulia Orlova Yulia.Orlova@neurology.ufl.edu and Cameron Rosenthal mcdougald@ufl.edu

Village’s Focus: To learn from each other how to have life beyond work, disover Gainesville, and share hobbies. Also migraine headache support.


LQBTQIA+ and Allies

Date/Time: Every third Thursday at 5

Location: COVID Dependant – email hitcka@shands.ufl.edu for location

Facilitators: Carolyn Holland ckhollandmd@ufl.edu and Katie Hitchcock HITCKA@shands.ufl.edu

Village’s Focus: Our village aims to bring together LGBTQIA+ folks and allies for social fun and support.

Who is eligible: All genders, LGBTQIA+ and Allies


On Hiatus

Phenomenal Women
To offer a community of inspiration, encouragement, adn support to the HSC Women Faculty of Color

Date/Time:  Sept 2021-Feb 2022: TBD from responses to Doodle Poll link https://doodle.com/poll/97vpytyr4m5yces5?utm_source=poll&utm_medium=link

Location: Hotel ELEO, 1514 SW 14th Street

Facilitators: Beverly Dede beverly@UFL.EDU


Creating a Village in Springhill

Date/Time: 3rd and 4th Wednesdays at 5PM: Next Meeting: TBA

Location: Old Springhill – Room 2126

Facilitators: Susan Schneider MD and Alice Rhoton-Vlasak MD  rhotona@ufl.edu


Please send an email to the identified group facilitator if you would like to participate in one of the groups.

Possible future groups (facilitators needed)

  • Early Parenting
  • Mid-Career Faculty
  • Scientists Village
  • Investing & finance
  • Foodie Village

Interested in starting/facilitating a group? Please contact Melissa Liverman at 352-273-7500

 UF WIMS Mission: Support, empower, and contribute toward the professional and leadership development of women faculty promoting a more optimal institutional environment for all.