Electricity/Water/Etc – Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) serves Gainesville and portions of Alachua County, Florida, with electric, water, wastewater, natural gas, and telecommunications services. Contact GRU well in advance to have your utilities turned on. Try and get it done before the regular student rushes (beginning of Fall semester in August, and the beginning of Spring semester in January). If renting, check with your landlord to make sure they don’t handle the power turn-on for you. For complete information, contact GRU at (352) 334-3400 or 1-800-818-3436 (inside Florida only).Rural Alachua County is serviced by Clay Electric Cooperative and Progress Energy.

Trash & Recycling – The Gainesville Residential Curbside Collection Program provides recycling, unlimited yard waste, and residential curbside collection services. Contact the Solid Waste department at (352) 334-2330 for more information.

Phone – Local (land line) telephone service is arranged by many providers, including , COX Cable, AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint, and Verizon, that are available to the community. The University of Florida does not endorse any particular cell phone service.

Internet – Although we cannot recommend specific service providers, there are many to choose from in our area. Broadband access to the Internet via DSL or cable modem is convenient, reliable, and effective. These services are available from your local telephone carrier, cable service provider and other resources. Broadband connection speeds can range from 6MB Downstream to 512 Kbps Upstream (Downstream = downloading from Internet / Upstream = uploading to Internet). Even higher speeds are available at premium service levels.

Most faculty, staff, and students now have broadband connections via cable modems or DSL service from home. Broadband services provide connection speeds of 4 MB and higher vs. the dial-up speed of 56.6Kbps – over 70 times faster.

Cable – The only choice for Gainesville residents for TV cable service is COX Cable. Campus cable is included in on-campus housing fees.