Faculty Onboarding

New Faculty Check-in

Getting Started – New Faculty Check List

This check list / guide of resources was created to help support you with your on-boarding experience.

We hope this guide helps you become a connected, productive, and thriving member of the UF College of Medicine community.

 Save a copy of the Word.doc of this check list so you can keep track of completing steps.

  If you have any feedback on this tool, please contact your Department Administrator or submit your feedback to hamleen@ufl.edu.

 *Please note:  Some of the links in the sections below are password protected or can only be accessed within the VPN network. You will have access to these links after your start date.

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Before You Start / Your First Days / Your First Weeks / Your First Months / Your First Year

Before You Start

Action Item More information
Complete required all new hire documents before starting.  Make sure you have all important employment papers, including social security card* and proof of eligibility to work in the U.S (if applicable) readily available.

Obtain an official copy of any requested transcripts and submit to your administrator and Human Resources (HR).

Make sure to go through the GatorStart new employee onboarding system.

*NOTE:  Your social Security Card is required.  If you do NOT have a Social Security card, please apply for a new card. You will receive a receipt for your request. Along with the receipt, please ask for a Social Security number verification form which needs to be provided to HR.

For Physicians and Physicians Assistants: apply as EARLY AS POSSIBLE for a Florida Medical License.  (then include list of what is required)

DEA Licenses: Please note that there is an exemption from paying this cost.

For Physicians and Physicians Assistants: If you plan to let your current non-Florida state license expire, be sure your current billing office is aware and can terminate your participation as Medicare or Medicaid provider in your state
For Faculty with research grants: Faculty may be allowed to transfer their grants to UF. These transfers should be initiated prior to arrival at UF.  Faculty should:

  • Notify the sponsoring agency of their relocation plans and request proper forms and instructions to effect the transfer. The documentation must be routed through previous institution’s Office of Research for endorsement.
  • Meet with your new department’s grants administration with a complete list of grants to be transferred. Due to the wide variation in procedures among sponsors, your department administrator should work with UF Award Administration with regard to specific guidelines

·   Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Research Project Navigator, Tiffany Danielle Pineda, can advise research teams on available resources and help them navigate research-related processes. She serves as a central resource through which researcher inquiries and requests for assistance are managed and supported; information is available through personalized consultation and the CTSI portal. Please contact her for assistance at tiffany.danielle@ufl.edu.

Review faculty Council’s document for new labs at UF HSC
Start to explore this new hire site so you are well prepared.
Employment opportunities for your life partner. Note: The Dual Career Academic Hire process applies only to the partner or spouse of Tenure track faculty member and must be initiated by the department.
 Education options for your children.
 Explore housing and apartment options if needed and get settled into the Gainesville area.
 Manage the practical aspects of moving to a new home and new state
Plan your commute to campus

Discuss parking options with your department administrator or other employees/faculty

Decide whether you plan/need to purchase a parking pass and decide which decal option would suit your needs.

Make a list of key questions you hope to have answered during orientation or questions you may want to have answered before you start (i.e.)

-What time should I report to my department on my first day?

-What is the dress code for this role / the department?

-Will I have a schedule my first few days?

Your First Few Days

Action Item More information
Review the New Faculty Enrollment and Gator Resources website for Human Resource Services


Make sure that your department’s HR Manager has completed all of the required documents on the Academic Personnel New Hire Checklist

Obtain your Gator 1 ID badge and UF ID number (you will do this as part of your day one orientation with your department’s HR Manager or administrator.)
Register online with your UF ID number for your Gatorlink account in order to access myUFL, PeopleSoft and email.
Meet with your faculty mentor, or designated department colleague.  Arrange for a tour of your department for introductions with colleagues and co-workers.
Sign up for an upcoming tour of the Health Science Center
  • Contact the Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development 294-5343
Log-on to MyUFL to fill out your W-4,and sign-up for direct deposit.  Direct deposit is required.
Decide which benefits you would like to participate in and then make time to enroll in your benefits in PeopleSoft.

Contact your Department Administrator to set-up an appointment with the Benefits office if you have any follow up benefit questions before you make your benefit selections.


REMEMBER:  You have 30 days from your date of hire to do this.

Get settled in your workspace/office:

-Set up office voicemail

-Fill in your Directory information

-Create your email signature

-Work with your department administrator/officemanager or coordinator on supplies you need to get started including necessary keys and order your UF business cards

-Have your contact information entered into SPOK and available to the Hospital Operator for on-call purposes (if applicable)

Review the fire safety document

Be sure to schedule time on your calendar your first week to complete the required trainings (if applicable):

  • Epic
  • IACUC and ACS information for animal work
  • Hospitality Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training
  • Biomedical Waste Training
  • ACLS (if required)
  • Point of Care Training
  • Conscious Sedation Training
  • Central Lines
  • IRB
  • Other training pertaining to your position
Work with your department administrator to have your photo taken for the department website.

Please note:  This photo is not the same as your UF ID badge photo.

Spend time with someone who can get your mobile device or laptop up to speed with any necessary apps and software

  • Spok
  • Epic
  • Citrix


Meet with your Department Chair/supervisor to review the following (some of these activities listed below will flow into your first few weeks as well):

  • your schedule
  • your department and job specific orientation plan
  • job responsibilities, competencies, expectations
  • department’s mission, strategy, values, key functions, policies and procedures, organizational structure of the department, department directory and key department contacts/resources, department calendar, confidentiality information, department emergency procedures and plans, necessary health and safety training for your role/ dept.
  • Clarify any performance or policy questions you may have.

•          set initial goals/projects/priorities

Policies You Need to Know

Promotion and Tenure

Compensation Plan

Hospital Staff Bylaws

Leave policies

What to do when asked for public records

Please use this link to take a virtual tour of the University of Florida.

In addition to this virtual link, you can sign up for a live campus tour during your first few weeks of employment (Contact the Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, 294-5343)

Your First Few Weeks

Action Item More information
Continue to complete your required training.


Make sure you have all the systems access and security roles you need for your position and if you require any additional training, please work

with your manager to set up or login to see a listing of training options offered at UF.

  • MyTraining
Meet people important to your role, whether in your department, college, or other areas of the UF, UFHealth, and external business partners.
Work with your Department Chair and Administrator to determine which department/regular meetings should be on your calendar and what

important College/Institutional meetings to add your calendar.

Check out the UF and COM promotion and tenure guidelines and process information.
Review upcoming Faculty Professional Development Seminars and plan to attend those that are of interest to you.
Sign-up for your benefits if you have not already done so.  Remember you have 30 days from your date of hire to enroll.
Become familiar with the UF annual performance appraisal tools that will be used to evaluate your performance.  Ask about the procedures and template for your department.
  • UF Faculty Evaluations
Check your paycheck in PeopleSoft and make sure you understand how to read it.  If you have any questions contact your Department Administrator.
Review your department’s policies and procedures and the faculty handbook.  You are responsible for knowing these policies.  Should you have any questions, contact your department Chair or Administrator.

Your First Few Months

Action Item More information
Attend department monthly faculty meetings. This is an opportunity for new hires to learn about more about your department and develop relationships

with fellow new employees.

Consider participating in development and training opportunities available for faculty

-Identify any additional mandatory research training needed for your position using the training utility.

Take advantage of employee discounts
Log into your Online Promotion and Tenure (OPT) packet account and start populating the self-service modules to keep your accomplishments

documented and to facilitate the promotion process in the future.

Manage your vacation and leave
The University of Florida has several retirement options and tools to help with financial planning and retirement.
Tour and Explore Gainesville and its surrounding areas.

Your First Year

 Action Item  More information
All faculty evaluations are conducted in June-August. Talk with your department Chair or administrator about what will be expected of you during

this process.

Prepare your annual self-assessment and progress report according to your department guidelines.

 Stay up to date with UF news.  Read UF publications
Attend UF social gatherings to network, connect, and have FUN with your colleagues!

Look for invitations to COM Virtual Faculty Club gatherings.

 Get involved with UF community service initiatives.
 If you travel for work approved conferences, trainings, or other events or have to purchase something approved on your own credit card, it is important to know what is reimbursable.
 Review your benefits and make sure they are working for you.  Every fall you have the opportunity to make changes to your benefits during open enrollment.  These changes take effect on Jan 1.  You can also make changes to your benefits during the year with a qualifying life event.


 Take advantage of Health and Wellness discounts and programs available to UF Faculty.