February 2017 New Faculty

Name:  Maria Guijarro Barrigon, Ph.D.
Department:  Anatomy
Rank:   Assistant Scientist
Specialty:   Molecular Biology in cancer
Location obtained PhD degree:  Spanish National Cancer Center (CNIO), Madrid, Spain
Name:  Arturo Torres, M.D.
Department:  Anesthesiology
Rank:  Clinical Assistant Professor
Specialty:   Critical Care
Location obtained Medical degree:   University of Pittsburgh Medical School
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Name:  Chulbul Ahmed, Ph.D.
Department:  Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Rank:  Research Assistant Professor
Specialty:  Ocular diseases
Location obtained PhD Degree:  Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in India
Name:  Xu Zeng, M.D., Ph.D.
Department:  Pathology
Rank:  Clinical Associate Professor
Specialty:  Renal pathology
Location obtained M.D. and PhD Degrees:   M.D. degree obtained at the Second Guangzhou Medical College Hospital in Guangzhou, P.R. China; Ph.D. degree obtained at the Medical College of Ohio
Name:  Renato Gonik, M.D.
Department:  Pediatrics
Rank:  Clinical Associate Professor
Specialty:  Pediatric neurology
Location obtained Medical Degree:   Universidade Gama Filho in Brazil