November 2016 New faculty


Medicine, Division of Hospital Medicine
Name:  Omar Taha, M.D.
Department:  Medicine, Division of Hospital Medicine
Rank:   Clinical Assistant Professor
Specialty:   Internal Medicine
Location obtained MD degree:   Al-Quds University Faculty of Medicine, Jerusalem, West Bank
Name:  Virgilio Matheus, M.D.
*Need photograph
Department:  Neurosurgery
Rank:  Clinical Assistant Professor
Location obtained MD degree:
Name:  Francisco Munoz, M.D.
 *Need photograph
Department:  Pathology
Rank:  Assistant In
Location obtained MD Degree:
Name:  Nikhil Urs, Ph.D.
Department:  Pharmacology
Rank:  Assistant Professor
Specialty:   Research in the area related to the understanding of mechanism and pathophysiology of CNS disorders related to dopamine
Location obtained PhD Degree:  Georgia Institute of Technology in Applied Biology (Molecular/Cell Biology)
Name:  Mohammad Ebraheem, M.D.
 Department: Pediatrics, Congenital Heart Center
Rank:  Clinical Assistant Professor
Specialty:  Post-operative care of pediatric congenital and acquired heart disease, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and education of the pediatric intensive care unit
Location obtained Medical Degree:  University of Damascus School of Medicine in Damascus, Syria