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Building Effective Management Teams

One of the most important tasks of leadership in any organization is putting together individuals who can work toward a common goal. Setting and communicating these goals is the responsibility of the top level of management. Drs. Michael Good and Timothy Flynn will present this workshop. Highlights include: Engaging…

Career Planning: Your Action Plan

Dr. Rebecca Rainer Pauly will present a workshop designed to to help you develop your short-term and long-term career goals. By the end of this workshop you will:  1. Understand your own personal brand, 2. Have practiced and gained skills in articulating your personal brand, and 3. Specifically created…

Assessment in the Clinical Setting

This session will focus on reviewing best practices for providing feedback in the clinical setting for medical students and residents. Register at the HSC Training website.

Engaging Learners to the Max with Team-Based Learning

Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a special form of collaborative learning that engages students with course content via problem-solving and decision-making using a speci­fic sequence of individual work, group work and immediate feedback.  TBL creates a motivational framework in which students increasingly hold each other accountable for coming to class…

Fair and Legal Management Practices

The session will address common misconceptions about managing employees at UF, outline available resources, and provide time for discussion of questions.   Register at the HSC Training website.

The Hidden Curriculum: Behavioral Learning

The hidden curriculum refers to cultural mores that are transmitted, but not openly acknowledged, through formal and informal educational endeavors. It is a powerful force that can shape learners in positive as well as negative ways.  The goal of the session is to help faculty understand the phenomenon of…

Maintaining Your Health: Spiritual, Financial, and Physical

Learn to work towards overall wellness by considering work/life balance from a financial, physical and spiritual perspective. Prepare for financial peace through retirement, insurance, funding family and educational expenses, planning for investment and establishing a will. Maintain your physical health by learning to start an exercise program. Round out…

Enhancing Your Communication Skills, September 12, 2013

Communication is a fundamental skill in many aspects of any professional’s role.  This Professional Development discussion focuses on basic insights related to understanding different styles and preferences in communication.  By understanding these normal differences in communication style and preference, you can significantly improve your communication effectiveness.

Mentoring and Being Mentored: Maximizing the Relationship

This session will discuss best practices for establishing and maintaining a productive mentoring relationship.  Attendees will learn the characteristics of effective mentors and mentees and the skills needed to get the most from a mentoring relationship. Register here.