Spring 2020 Faculty Enhancement Opportunity – FEO

The FEO Task Force encourages applications for creative and flexible faculty development activities, including, but not limited to: educational experiences/conferences, work with consultants/experts, time devoted to intensive writing or creative work or activities in support of a new direction for one’s scholarly work.

FEO’s are available to all full-time faculty in the Health Sciences, IFAS and the College of Law, and other faculty who are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Part time faculty are funded within the College of Medicine. Faculty must have been hired on October 18, 2016 or earlier in order to qualify. The eLOI is due prior to September 23, 2019.

Please put September 23, 2019 @5:00PM in your calendar for the deadline to have your completed applications submitted to the COM-FEO review committee (email hamleen@ufl.edu ).  You must submit your application to the COM-FEO review committee for review and support.  This is NOT the October 18, 2019 deadline listed on the application form.  That is the deadline for the COM-FEO review committee to send your supported application to campus.

Once again, “e” Letters of Intent (eLOI) are required for COM applications (email hamleen@ufl.edu ). Please submit a brief “e Letter of Intent (eLOI)” prior to the September 15 application deadline. Please tell us what date you joined the UF faculty and describe what is the activity you will be requesting support (1-2 sentences), an estimated total cost, and the time frame that the activity will take place (which must be between January and June 2020).

FEO Application materials are due Fall 2019 for Spring 2020 

COM Full Time FEO Budget Worksheet 

COM Part Time FEO Budget Worksheet

COM Deadline:  September 23, 2019

Provost’s Memo to the Deans